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Gardner Massachusetts and 13 surrounding communities

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Audience Statistics


GreaterGardner.net (GardnerMagazine.com) has a circulation of tens of thousands with more than a half million pageviews annually.   The site has been around for over a dozen years, starting up in 2000 when high speed internet service was only a dream.    Today the internet is the most used of any medium on the planet and this site is been consistently popular among the area’s population, offering hundreds of pages of content relating to the Greater Gardner area and beyond.    Advertising spots are available – generally one per category of business.    Please call our offices at (978) 632-6324 for this information.

Today many of our readers are regulars but we still get new people all the time as people move in to the area or get to us via a search.     Many of our commercial web clients are happy if they do well in the search engines with a dozen keywords.   In 2011, about 5000 keywords were used in the searches to the website.    Top word was MA as many people get to our site searching for one of the towns such as “gardner ma”.   2nd most used keyword is no surprise, gardner.     What fills out our top keywords are the various towns covered by the site and topics such as news and businesses.   And then, there’s just about everything else you could possibly imagine.

Some things have stayed the same over the years and some things have changed a little or alot.   For example, readership by days of week has stayed consistent, with some years showing a slight increase on the weekends.  In 2012, it seems people are staying up later again, just a bit.  See the graphics below.

In the early years of the site, I can remember people most often typed in massachusetts and secondly mass when indicating a geographical location for a search.   In those days, the search engines didn’t do a good job of knowing that MA meant massachusetts.    By 2012, almost 3/4 of searches use MA rather than massachusetts or mass.   In 2007, this figure was only 60%.  Interestingly, the share among mass and massachusetts among the rest of the searches has stayed about the same.


Gardner, our largest search term has stayed consistent, being 9% of searches in 2007 and 10% of searches in 2012.




 GreaterGardner.net Audience by Hour of the Day