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Mar 292015

God Loves You Too


Throughout the ages religion has been corrupted by man.   Extremists in every faith have used religion as an excuse for behaviors God most certainly would not endorse.    And now, some individuals have gone to another step:  Because religions throughout the world can’t agree on a common God,  because within each faith humans have created ambiguity by adding ceremony to scripture, and because science supposedly does not correlate and corroborate religion, atheists have emerged who advocate an odd negative – that God does not exist.    I submit that God does exist and that faulty thinking is the real root of the problem with evil elements in conflict with the goodness of God certainly having incentives to further  atheistic ideas.


I submit that the very fact different religions can’t agree on a Common God substantiates God’s compassionate and loving nature in reaching different cultures in different ways.   I grew up a Lutheran and became confirmed as a Catholic in 2000.   I believe in Jesus Christ as my Savior and I don’t think of myself as a Catholic convert.  I think of myself as having adding Catholic understanding to my spiritual repertoire.    And I believe that God reaches all people throughout the world in the ways He chooses and that to discount and disparage any religion which teaches good things is fundamentally arrogant and contrary to Jesus’ teaching to Love each other.   If God requires that a person accept Jesus prior to entrance into Heaven I believe he will provide that opportunity regardless of the faith practiced by that person throughout life.    As the uncorrupted versions of all Good God based religions essentially advocate the same tenets, the spiritual heart of a good person is ready to accept Jesus should God require it.


Humans have added ambiguity by adding ceremony to religious practice.    Sometimes preachers have acted like salesmen by choosing to take certain Bible passages out of context to support a particular position or to support a particular church’s choice to emphasize certain Bible teachings by making them appear more important than others.   By doing so, over time it would appear to almost anyone that hypocrisy and inconsistencies exist and THEY WOULD BE RIGHT.    However, God’s teachings have remained the same over time.    The inconsistency is in the various interpretations which have become more obvious due to the unlimited data available to us in this information age.    I believe that these gross inconsistencies can be minimized if organized religions would review ceremony and ritual that is not explicitly taught in the Bible and change whatever has become corrupted over  time.  Similarly, by choosing to elevate in importance passages which were included in the Bible as additional explanations and clarifications some denominations have changed God’s message with perhaps the unintended consequences of creating doubt where there should be none.


The supposed conflict between science and religion has been heavily promoted in the media.   I submit that true science supports and corroborates  religion.   For example, scientific  evidence shows that almost instantaneous changes occurred in evolution at a point in history.    Unless an outside force was responsible for this, an instant change would have been impossible.   Much has been made about the supposed difference between science and religion on the age of the world.     I submit there is no difference at all.    If God created all that is around us as I believe He did, he would have had to make 1 year old trees and fifty year old trees, 1 day old lava and billion year old rock, adult Adam and adult Eve, and grown elephants with baby elephants.   In other worlds, at the moment of creation, God could have (and I believe He did) give whatever age he chose to the products of His creation.    Years later, any scientific testing would show the object with an age corresponding to its initial age given by God plus any years which have passed since that time.     So for sake of argument, if God created everything 5000 years ago, the 60 million year old dinosaur bones we find could very well be 60 million, 5000 years old because they started off with 60 million years on the clock at time of God’s creation.


All around us, the complexity and beauty of what God has given us in and of itself is testament to His existence.    If stuff just happened without God, the simplest snowflake would not have defaulted to the complex, beautiful architecture it actually has.    And humans of faith would not have all the anecdotal evidence of God’s very real spiritual involvement in everyday lives.    To those without faith, know that God loves you too.    All you need to have faith is to be honest and ask for God’s help in restoring your faith and you will open up your heart and soul to the most beautiful gift of the universe – everlasting life through the intercession of Jesus Christ in obtaining for us God’s forgiveness for our sins.   Each and every one of us who is completely honest will acknowledge that we are all sinners by varying degree and  will readily accept this Everlasting Gift of God’s love through Jesus Christ.    Those who are without belief or who have been manipulated by evil in thinking so are in for a wonderful and loving transformation by simply asking: “God, please come in to my life and give me faith.”



Werner Poegel  (978) 632-6324

March 29, 2015