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May 022014

Maki Building Centers of Gardner, Lunenburg, and Sterling have a story to tell!    The company was established right after World War II in 1949 and is still very much family-owned.    It is known for its high quality standards on lumber and contractors throughout New England use Maki as a benchmark for the quality lumber they want on their job sites.

It’s hard to get the folks at Maki to boast about the company as they seem to have a much more humble approach.    Therefore, in the opinion of this Publisher, there are some local folks who may have overlooked Maki if they haven’t been exposed to the numerous positive testimonials from family and friends.

Did you know?    Maki Building Centers is a huge operation in Gardner with acres and acres of lumber.    The entrance to the facility is very much understated, like the Tardis on the Doctor Who television show where the entrance is small and the area inside is enormous.

Did you know?   At the Gardner location, Maki Building Centers has a Specialty Wholesale Supply division which is an actual manufacturer of windows and doors!   They beat every standard around and are generally less expensive.     Even Custom Windows are often 30% less pricey than the Big Box stores and are better quality.   Definitely worth checking out.

And get this?   While some of the big box stores have large delivery fees, I found out that Maki’s delivery fee is only $15 for orders less than $250 and only $25 for orders more than $250.   As of this writing, they don’t even disclose this on their website even though it would give them a clear advantage.     This is a perfect example of a company performing much better than advertised.    That is why it earns our highest recommendation.

I’ll give you an example of my own experience:   Several years ago, I was having some work done building the WebTech offices.    I was ignorant so I was going to buy some lumber at one of the big box stores.   The contractor said, “Why are you going to do that,”  Maki will deliver much cheaper plus the price on the 2x4s is less.    It was a no-brainer.     An opportunity to support a local company which gives back to the community in the form of local jobs and more, and save money.

Try Maki.   You’ll be pleasantly surprised.